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What our Clients and Families are Saying
"Madrona Recovery has a very special place of appreciation in my heart.  As a parent with a child on the Autism spectrum and co-occurring mental health conditions it can feel so difficult to find practitioners with the expertise to support the complex needs of my child.  Madrona Recovery's team listened deeply to our family during the intake process without making assumptions and partnered with us throughout our child's treatment process to ensure we were working collaboratively to support our child's treatment goals.  They provided for dietary preferences, sensory accommodations when needed, and also challenged our child to build skills to cope with discomfort within their resiliency zone!  It has been such a gift to our family to have shared language and understandings to support our child's ongoing recovery.  Our child is filled with hope and possibility for their future and continue to use a variety of strategies and tools to support their ongoing recovery and growth.  I am so deeply grateful to the team at Madrona Recovery for helping our family find pathways back into the light."
-Anonymous Mother of 15 year-old client
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