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Madrona Recovery, offering dual-diagnosis mental health and recovery services for adolescents aged 13-17. 

Client Centered Recovery Program

Madrona Recovery offers mental health, trauma, and recovery services. Because we value personal investment in safety, growth, skill development, and community building at Madrona Recovery, we do not rely on rewards, punishment, seclusion, or mechanical restraints. Instead, we work with youth to create greater awareness and skill to manage challenging experiences. We provide young people in recovery with opportunities to practice making different choices and discovering practices that are wholesome to them.


Our program is designed to align with Trauma and Resiliency Informed Practices. Our facility is small, allowing us to provide individualized care. Our clients receive treatment 7 days a week, including 1:1 contact with their individual therapist 5 days a week, individual and family therapy sessions weekly, daily group therapy, education, and skill building opportunities


Madrona Recovery is committed to our mission to provide high-quality care that stabilizes youth, educates families, and increases long-term success. Our program is designed to help young people to identify and develop practical, but fundamentally useful skills in emotional regulation, kind and direct communication, wholesome relationship and more.

Emotional Regulation
Direct Communication
Concise Skill Building
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