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Madrona Recovery, offering dual-diagnosis mental health and recovery services for adolescents aged 13-17. 

Our Story

Madrona Recovery provides the highest-quality care that stabilizes youth, educates families, and increases long-term success for youth and families. The Madrona tree is our namesake and inspiration. Native to the Pacific Northwest, the Madrona is held with great affection, as a symbol for vulnerability, resiliency, and character.

Despite adversity, the Madrona Tree is adaptable. Individuals and communities too, are impacted by adversity. We believe in your resilience, and that we need and deserve skilled professional support from time to time.


Resiliency is our capacity for growth and resourcefulness in the face of difficult terrain. By offering youth language to articulate feelings and practical tools to increase resilience, we help youth to develop emotional and physical awareness and regulation. This work and approach is remarkable in empowering young people to replace reactive decision making with intentional choices, including replacing drug use and other high-risk behaviors with sustainable practices that help them to feel whole.


Communities, consisting of strong & healthy individuals in relationship are the root systems that support change and growth. Madronas, like each of us, are impacted by the life around them, which is why we emphasize quality communication & relationship building.

Madrona Recovery creates the space and expectation that young people learn to articulate the impacts of their behavior on the community.


Growth & Change is difficult. Vulnerability drives growth & change. Change is bravery but doesn’t always feel brave. We support young people to safely explore difficult and strong emotions and the impacts of adverse experiences on the mind and body. We engage in practices and work to deepen both individual and community resiliency. These tools further enable young folks to resist high-risk behaviors and engage in life-affirming and wholesome behaviors.

The Madrona tree continues to grow & change, to shed its signature red bark, & to thrive in unlikely places. We know that growth and change are not only possible but inevitable. With the skilled professional support we offer at Madrona Recovery, positive & lasting change can happen for young people and their families. We are dedicated to providing quality care to help you and your family thrive.

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