Outdoor Dinner Party


Mission Statement:  

The Madrona Alumni Program (MAP) is an alumni lead community space. We are committed to recovery, personal growth and leadership; we gather in community to extend support, provide and receive mentorship, and to share the learning of our lived experiences to empower and connect Madrona Alumni who are invested in their recovery. 


Program requirements

  • 6 months of engagement in aftercare towards recovery   

  • Must provide releases of information with the program for guardians and current Out-Patient providers  

  • Provide two references (family, professional, friend)  

  • Complete an application, initial screen and interview  

  • If invited to join, each applicant must review and sign acceptance of community Ground Rules and Rights  


Apply online  

  • Provide ROIs to current providers  

  • Provide 2-character References (family, friend, sponsors, neighbors, teachers)  


Madrona Staff Screening  

  • Initial interview  

  • Reach out to OP providers and discuss level of engagement in treatment/supports  

  • Discuss and address RES bx that could potentially jeopardize the safety of Alumni program and how individual has worked to overcome behaviors and show change  


Alumni Interview  

  • What are you interested in joining? 

  • What do you want to bring to this program?  

  • Orientation – let them know the goal and mission 

  • Understanding the level of commitment that they are able? (Weekly, bi-weekly, once a month?)