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Madrona Recovery, offering dual-diagnosis mental health and recovery services for adolescents aged 13-17. 

Family and Individual Safety Contracts

Madrona Recovery is committed to supporting families to engage in open, honest, and sometimes challenging conversations in order to solve problems and practice productive strategies moving toward wellness. We will support you through the process of drafting your own individual Safety Plans as well as a unique Family Safety Contract. All people and families need clear agreements, expectations, and systems in place that remind us to be at our individual and collective best, even when things are hard. We aim to uplift and support not only youth, but parents, families, and guardians as well. Click here to see a Family Home Rules example.



Family / Guardian Resources


Supporting a teen’s recovery in the best of circumstances can be trying. You and your family have our support. You can expect to hear from us within 72 hours of admission and there are a variety of ways to contact us. We are committed to ongoing and productive communication with you, before, during, and after residential care. Madrona Recovery offers accessible support groups for your family. Our Madrona Recovery Parent & Guardian Handbook contains information for you on what to expect during admissions, recovery, how to contact us, emotional management tools, conflict resolution strategies, and resources for mental health and recovery support. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Support Groups

Optional Support Groups for families and guardians are facilitated at Madrona Recovery for potential client families as well as alumni and current Madrona Recovery families.

Wednesdays @6pm

Sunday @ noon

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