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Inspired by the wonderfully resilient and unique Northwest Madrona Tree, the Madrona Recovery team provides the highest-quality care that stabilizes youth ages 13-17, educates families, and increases long-term success. 

Madrona Recovery Mission

Inspired by the resilient Northwest Madrona Tree, Madrona Recovery provides the highest-quality care that stabilizes youth, educates families, and increases long-term success.

At Madrona Recovery, we view our role in your recovery as a partnership with you, your family, and in some ways, your community. A meaningful alliance is the therapeutic relationship from which change takes shape. Our programming is centered around the value of healing relationships and their importance in the recovery process.

Our team is devoted to safety and wellness. Our short-term, residential program was designed by paying careful attention to curricula, trauma informed services, and intake/aftercare processes that provide the meaningful continuity of care that people need and deserve. Madrona Recovery is proud to be a strong, evidence-based program to keep young people safe.

Madrona Recovery is offering services that support youth through both mental health and chemical dependency issues within a focused program, to build competency in three broad skill areas;


Communication, learning to say and hear difficult things. Engaging in active conflict resolution as young community leaders.

Relationship, learning how to be productive and responsible in the community. Understanding boundaries that serve meaningful relationships.

Emotional Regulation, the ability to weather everyday ups and downs with ease. These are powerful skills that support drug refusal and encourage wholesome choices.


You and your family will receive the personal support of our medical personnel, skilled clinicians, chemical dependency counselors, and experienced wellness staff. Madrona Recovery builds Mental Health and Recovery Alliances with you, alliances that serve as bridges that move families from crisis to opportunity.


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